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For Veterinarians

Dr. Wosar is an experienced surgeon who would like to partner with you to offer the highest quality surgery at your facility. He will perform consultations in your clinic to answer all your client's questions before and after surgery. He will make sure the client and the rest of the veterinary team are comfortable with the surgical plan before proceeding with surgery. 


Furthermore, Dr. Wosar will remain available to offer full support for you and your client during the entire postoperative followup period. This means Dr. Wosar will be available to speak with the owners if they have questions, and to perform needed followup rechecks. If you would rather perform the followup communication and rechecks, he will remain available in case any new questions arise. 


Depending on the particulars of the case, we can perform most orthopedic surgeries like TPLO, MPL correction, simple or complex fracture repair, correction of angular limb deformities, among other procedures. Depending on the case and the facilities available, some basic neurosurgical diagnostics and treatments can also be performed, like myelograms for localization and decompression of Intervertebral Disc Disease, decompression and stabilization of Wobbler Disease, stabilization of Atlantoaxial luxation and some spinal fracture repairs.


Dr. Wosar can also perform most general and soft tissue procedures, including oncologic surgery, thoracic surgeries like PRAA or PDA correction, and a wide array of abdominal procedures. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Wosar if you would like to discuss if a particular procedure can be performed at your clinic. 

The calendar below is for information on my availability. Please contact me to confirm, as this calendar may not be completely up to date due to emergency surgeries, etc. 

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