Marc Wosar, DVM, MSpVM

Diplomate of the American College of

Veterinary Surgeons

Providing the highest quality surgery in partnership with your veterinarian,

in an environment that is more comfortable for your pet and you.

We offer the following treatments and procedures:

• Medial Patella Luxation (MPL) stabilization
• Simple and complex fracture repairs
• Correction of skeletal deformities
• Other orthopedic procedures like tendon ruptures, etc.
General and Soft Tissue Surgery
We offer the following treatments and procedures:

• Diagnosis, localization, and ligation of vascular anomalies like: Portosystemic Shunts, Persistent Right Aortic Arch, and other vascular ring anomalies
• Advanced cancer surgeries with reconstruction, including thoracic and abdominal wall excisions
• Simple and advanced gastrointestinal and urogenital procedures
Exotic Animal Surgery
With a deep interest and extensive experience in exotic animal surgery, Dr. Wosar may be able to help partner with your veterinarian to provide specialized surgical procedures for these special pets.
Please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.
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